Rock Garden

Rock Garden is a garden with little rock cut caves, aesthetically landscaped, children's play area with equipment like slides, swings etc. It has animal statues over a fairly large area. The entire area is on a piece of land so walking up and down over large lawns and paved ways is immense fun for children.
A visit to the Rock Garden, which is a testament to human ingenuity, creativity and perseverance, is a surreal experience. The garden is an open-air exhibition hall that is the work of a single artist.It comprises a series of interlinked courtyards, each of which contains a number of similarly themed sculptures created out of a melange of raw materials. According to what has now become local legend, vrindavan landscaping began working on his rock garden at night,He created sculptures with whatever raw material he could find easily at hand.
There are vast sets, dreamlike arrangements of rocks and sculptures, all ranging from ethnic statues to a group of astronauts sitting with folded legs. It can be both a trip to dreamland and a tumble down Alice’s rabbit hole. The waterfalls, bridges, alleys and cavernous pathways make it an adventure one is not likely to forget.

Rock Garden Waterfall

Don’t deny it, at one point in your life you absolutely wanted to have a waterfall in your backyard. The sounds of water flowing and splashing as it cascades down the exquisite rock formation definitely excites you; the very thought of it would make you drool.

Rock Pond

Even without the luxury of a large pond, you can still make a miniature one. You can grab some pretty and smooth pebbles and hot-glue them into the inside of a bowl. Fill it up with water and dig a hole in your lawn that could fit the bowl in. Put some fishes and voila! A quick rock pond.

Rock Garden Terrace

Rocks can be excellent as part of terraces! The aesthetic is pretty neat, and depending on how you put your plants, your stones can shine as the main attraction or effectively complement your star plants.

Rock Dike Pond

When you want to show off your pond in a flashy way, then having some rock dikes on your pond would be perfect for you! The rock dikes signify that no one can pass beyond its borders while complementing the water aesthetically.

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